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as some of you know,i have upgraded my computer lately and had new gpu`s installed


so my gpu i took out is of no use to me anymore


its an MSI R9 390x  8gig gaming edition GPU


i got this as a replacement for my dead r9 290x from aria pc


i had this installed for no more than 3months then upgraded crossfire setup


this ccard is back in the box with all the stuff it came with,as i only used the gpu..


so this can be available to anyone requiring a new card as its a stonker,same architecture as previous 290x but far better and reliable,and a lot cooler too...

i would sell this for 200-225 pounds for anyone wanting it,and within reason i will pay postage on my behalf,these still sell at between 270-320 new depending where from..


its a fantastic card in as new condition..


any interest,leave it on this post and ill answer as soon as i see it








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