glutton for punishment lol

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Name:- stephen (rebz01)


Age:- 33


Gender:- unsure




Country Of Residence:- england


Games regularly played:- bad company 2


Origin ID:- rebz01 (i think)


Steam Name/ID:- lol


Battlefield BC2 Name:- rebz01, lagz01, dole boy, flameb0t


BF3 Name:- rebzO1 or rebz 01


BF4 name:- n/a


Where did you hear about Cohors Amicorum?:- some weird Scottish bird


Why do you want to join us in particular?:- cuz u need me ;)


Other interests/hobbies:- no time for hobbies its work work work

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hi rebz..

thanks for taking the time to reapply for BAR..

it does say cohors on the app form,so we will have to change it lol..


good luck with your app !


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