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  1. Congratulations Jon and Melanie!

    Congrats to you both
  2. Hello

    Heya Panic, good to see you. Keep up with the good Sigs
  3. Intro

    Cheers Hunt3r^ mate
  4. Please sir, can i join B)

    Howdy Banana welcome to the madhouse - enjoy and have fun
  5. Intro

    Hi Barbarians, First of all, thanks for accepting me into the Barbarians I live in Scotland but don't have the accent. Those of you that remember me from the CeltS a big hiya and to those that don't know me yet another big hiya I enjoy gaming, reading, fishing and a few other bits and pieces the same as everyone else. I have an "odd" (so I have been told) S.O.H. but that stems from military service/individual humour I guess. I am single (I like women very much....but I will NEVER understand them!! no offence to women there ) and live life between my home and my disabled fathers'.
  6. Recruitment

    Thanks Werner mate, oh yeah....keep up with the great pics
  7. Recruitment

    Hi all, long time no speak!? (This is mainly due to CeltS disbanding and me being a lazy git and playing Destiny all the time) Some of the Barbarians know me from when we were in CeltS, Big Sgt, Hunter, Werner and a few others Boy it is good to play with familiar people for a change.... Numpties and Idiots I swear have been spawning their offspring just to annoy gamers! Lol Anyhoo. I would like to join as:- The people are great and freindly. You can have something wierd in gaming called..."a laugh" which the Baba's do alot You get made welcome, which is nice. So with that said, I will submit this application for you. Look forward to hearing from you soon Dag