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  1. The "ing" game...

    The Midnight Meat Training - Adult education documentary with an inside view of the Butchers trade. Uncle Bucking - Rednecks had enough of Cow Tipping and have moved on! The Silence Of The Lambing - Werner's specialty! "oops he's got a sore leg...... *BLAM*" ... Jurassic Parking - Live CCTV footage from the M25.
  2. The "ing" game...

    Ok-So yes this idea was totally ripped from a popular intarweb site...but idgas... So.. The idea is to take the name of a film,add "ing" to the end-Whats the film about now?... ie.. Reservoir Dogging:-Reality TV show showing "watersports" in Essex parks Pacific Riming:- Oh dear god lets not even get into the idea behind this one... Das Booting:- Watching Windows start up-In German of course... Lets see what you got...
  3. The Big Debate

    Supper is where its at... Cold winter night,in front of the fire with hot choccy etc... Ahh who am i kidding... Whiskey is the answer!
  4. The Big Debate

    Fuckin' weirdo's.... Its "Grub" ...simples! Well...For me it used to be brekkie,dinner and tea...but since moving "daaaan saaaf" it seems to have become brekkie lunch and dinner. I blame the wife...Or Werner... One of them is bound to be responsible.
  5. glutton for punishment lol

    Accepted. Welcome (back) to the madhouse! Clan tags for bc2:- BAR bf4:- BAR_
  6. All of us here at Barbarians Gaming would like to extend our very best wishes to Jon and his bride-to-be Melanie! Mel will finally be making an honest man out of Jon this sunday,after 26 years together already! Just how he got away with that is another story We sincerely hope that the both of you have a truly fantastic day,and umm "thoroughly enjoy yourselves" in Thailand! Ladies,Gentlemen-Please join us in raising a glass or two to celebrate the happy couple. Jon and Melanie. May your years be filled with happiness,laughter and fun times together! *Psst... Jon....Remember-You dont have to check her credentials before letting her into the honeymoon suite... It wouldnt go down well
  7. Please sir, can i join B)

    Welcome on board the crazy train...
  8. Please sir, can i join B)

    Banana-Could you confirm your Steam Name please? -no user/profile with the name "rakman12" can be found. Cheers.
  9. RedShift.

    Lo folk's... Right...We are looking for any members that are either already in Star Citizen,or planning to be in the near future. The reason is twofold-first of all,we want members on there! Hard to take over the universe without some decent crews.... Secondly...We are looking for some closed beta testers for the RedShift OS for Star Citizen. Would be very handy to get a few of you together and try it out for a while-See how you get on. Without giving away anything too "sensitive",RedShift is a companion app that enhances gameplay and immersion. (Currently only for SC,but soon to be expanded to other games) Voice controlled//Multi screen//Multi platform. (Multiple screens displaying different info/data/streams from a single game,across multiple platforms at the same time is possible...And FUN! ) Any interested peep's... Gimme a shout!

    oops should be sorted now.
  11. New Teamspeak server is now up-the old one will be removed in the next couple of days! Please ensure you join the new one,and prod anyone who may miss this post in the right direction! New server ip:- See you on there folk's!
  12. The Future Of BBC's Top Gear

    Was never a massive fan really...but to me Clarkson IS Top Gear... Will never forget *that* Ariel Atom test run...
  13. Don't look it's a Banana

    Surely that would be uphill wouldnt it?
  14. Don't look it's a Banana

    Just where do you hide the banana? o.O