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  1. We Have Cleaned The Roster Up

    We have had a clean up of the roster, if you have been removed from the community members group, you must have been inactive for some time,
  2. cant wait

  3. The Big Debate

    dont forget a bit of crumpet
  4. The Big Debate

    bringing the chippy into it, all i can think of is chippy tea, chicken curry and chips and a dozen spring rolls please, (still dont think twelve is enough, but ordering 16 get you called a fat bastard)
  5. The Big Debate

    wigan kebabs, food of the gods
  6. The Big Debate

    yea cant beat a good muffin
  7. The Big Debate

    the women that serve food at schools, ya know dinner ladies, lunch ladies dont have the same ring to it
  8. The Big Debate

    after a couple of conversation on teamspeak this week, we need a definative answer, Is it :- Breakfast, Dinner and Tea OR is it :- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Personally i think its breakfast, dinner and tea, what you lot reckon
  9. face book

    eh least i know about syncronising me phone, eh
  10. I'm nothing to be on for a week or so

    have you turned it on (sorry couldnt ressist)
  11. glutton for punishment lol

    Welcome along
  12. glutton for punishment lol

    Good luck, and welcome m8
  13. Congratulations Jon and Melanie!

    all the best, hope you have a smart day, congrats to you both
  14. amd beta drivers

    project cars, is best with nvidia,