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    Shh!... I see a bunny wabbit....
  1. The Big Debate

    breakfast, lunch then dinner OR tea time im not sure now.. FFS Werns!
  2. face book

    oh god im never gona hear the end of this am I..
  3. face book

    I dont think werner knows what F.B is Sgt'... V'
  4. I'm nothing to be on for a week or so

    hmm, would anyone go near your rig? if its not old and you turn it off correct then a fault would be rare. V'
  5. I'm nothing to be on for a week or so

    oh bad times man..
  6. glutton for punishment lol

    welcome aboard!
  7. Right I thought I would put a post up in public forum to see if there's any interest in the Arma3 server I have up. Its locked up and only for personal use. Ive a plan with what i'd like to do in reguard to realism so any Bar's interested let me know. Cheers V'
  8. Congratulations Jon and Melanie!

    big congrats Hunter hope you both had a ball!!
  9. amd beta drivers

    true werns lol
  10. amd beta drivers

    ooh 17% on project cars eh thats a bonus there mate.
  11. RedShift.

    Ill be up for it once i have the game mate.